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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we have to agree. From cafés to mamaks and everything in between, start your day right with 10 of the best breakfast places in Bangsar.

1. Antipodean @ Telawi

If we’re talking about breakfast in Bangsar, Australian-inspired Antipodean has to be on the list. With a striking red and black theme, the chic eatery is almost always filled to the brim. Family- and pet-friendly, the café serves up a mean big breakfast (RM18) with toast, choice of bacon, sausage, sauteed mushrooms, hash brown and scrambled eggs. Topped up with some seriously great coffee, and you have everything you could ever need for world dominatio- oh, we meant work.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-antipodean_breakfasts-collageThese gorgeous breakfast dishes makes us wish it was morning all the time

Shun the heavy breakfast for something lighter? Their display of muffins, cakes, and cookies will have you drooling all over their counter. Don’t worry, we totally would too!

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-antipodean_coffee_muffins_cookiesCoffee, muffins, and cookies, that’s all the major food groups covered

2. Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Chun Heong @ Lucky Garden

Join the morning rush at crowded old-school kopitiam, Chun Heong.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-chun-heong_interior-and-exterior-collageBustling with activity, there’s everything from economy rice to pork ball noodles

And when in a kopitiam, there’s nothing better to have than the classic kaya and butter toast (RM1.50), a simple breakfast which Chun Heong does fantastically. With a generous slather of butter with sweet kaya on crispy yet fluffy toasted bread, we wouldn’t mind having this all day, everyday!

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-chun-heong_kaya-and-butter-toast_teh-tarik_kopi-pengPair the kaya and butter toast with a hot milk tea (RM1.50) or kopi peng (RM2) and you have a breakfast for champions. Just look at that hunk of butter!

That’s not all, with hawker stalls packed together like sardines in a can, there’s a whole variety of local favourites to choose from. From the dim sum and pan mee to chicken rice and curry mee, you wouldn’t know where to start!

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-chun-heong_curry-mee-collageTheir curry mee is famous too. Salty and not too spicy, mint leaves, cockles, and fish balls add even more oomph to the bowl

3. Restoran Berjaya @ Telawi

Delicious halal Chinese food finds a comfortable home in Restoran Berjaya with excellent pork-free renditions of well-loved Chinese fare like wantan mee (RM6.50) and curry mee (RM6.50). The latter had a spicy broth that was rich and thick, the mee hoon soaking up all the creamy soup.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-restoran-berjaya_curry-meeThe bihun in the curry mee was springy and chewy, just the way we like it

Thin and springy, the wantan mee was coated in a savoury soy sauce that wasn’t too salty. Shredded chicken meat and a couple of fried prawn wantans complemented the noodles perfectly! The wantan mee stall also does a mean dry curry noodles!

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-restoran-berjaya_wantan-meeWhile the wantan mee was good, the deep fried wantan in the soup turned out too soggy for our liking

Those who prefer their caffeine in the form of tea will love their teh tarik (RM2).

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-restoran-berjaya_teh-tarikRestoran Berjaya’s teh tarik was one of the best ones we’ve had

Frothy and creamy, we came very close to shaking our coffee addiction for this delicious cup of tea!

4. Pulp by Papa Palheta @ Jalan Riong

Pulp takes their coffee very seriously. Boasting a selection of beans sourced from prime locations all over the world, the coffee here can be brewed in any way imaginable.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-pulp_exterior‘A city that deserves great coffee’, no truer words have been mentioned

Their long black is thick, smooth, and strong; the perfect wake up call (it was more of a kick though). If hot coffee doesn’t do it for you, there’s the cold brew, pleasant with fruity notes.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-pulp_long-black-and-cold-brew-collageBe it the aroma or taste, we just can’t explain our long-standing affair with coffee

There’s also a selection of sweet cakes and savoury pies to go with their excellent coffee. We liked their Brit Bonkers, a hearty beefy filling encased in a thin doughy crust, a filling morning snack to last till lunchtime.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-pulp_brit-bonkers-and-pastries-collageFrom savoury to sweet, Pulp has delicious offerings to go along with great coffee

5. Grand Imperial @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Dim sum is one of the many things that make a great start to the day, although at Grand Imperial, it’s a late one as they open at 11.30am (on Sundays, it’s 10.00am). But we’re not complaining, we’d have dim sum for every meal if we could.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-grand-imperial_porridge_xo-fried-carrot-cakeThe silky-smooth century egg and pork congee (right) and XO fried carrot cake (left), are just some of the premium dim sum dishes available at Grand Imperial

Aside from the usual steamed siu mai and fish balls, Grand Imperial offers interesting creations like the lotus root with fish paste. The crunchy lotus root was contrasted by the smooth and bouncy fish paste, a delicious combo. A must-have is their century egg and pork porridge, so good that even congee haters will love it. Don’t believe us? Only one way to find out! (Psst, it means we want you to try it out for yourself.)

6.Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village II

One of the newer cafés around, cosy little Nutmeg’s breakfast and brunch menu might rival even Antipodean’s (there, we said it!) For something a little different but no less breakfast-y, there’s the gravlax ‘croissant-wich’ (RM26). A flaky croissant topped with smoked salmon with a hint of paprika, they got the scrambled eggs just right. Creamy, thick and ever slightly so runny, it was just as it should be.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-nutmeg_gravlax-croissant-wichNot only was the gravlax croissant-wich a hearty breakfast, it looked good enough to turn a frown upside down

Alternatively, you can get a Dash of Nutmeg (ha, geddit?) in Bangsar Village, just by the connecting bridge. Nutmeg’s first outpost, perfect for a quick pitstop for delectable to-go options.

7. Tedboy Bakery @ Telawi

Named after the son of the loving parents who run this cosy bakery café, Tedboy Bakery serves fresh, healthy, and wholesome breads and pastries, the perfect breakfast foods.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-tedboy-bakery_pastries-and-jamsAn incredibly enticing display of pastries and cakes; even organic jams are available!

An even healthier option comes in the form of their Waldorf salad (RM14.90) with lettuce, fresh apples, celery, and walnuts in a mayo dressing (it even sounds super refreshing!) For something a little heavier, the gooey and crunchy tuna melt cheese sourdough (RM17.90) was delicious.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-tedboy-bakery_croissant_coffee_saladCroissant, coffee, salad; we wouldn’t mind waking up early for a morning treat at Tedboy’s

Whether you’re in a hurry to work or have time for a quiet breakfast, Tedboy Bakery is perfect for taking away or dining in.

8. Wondermama @ Bangsar Village

If you can’t decide between local favourites or Western fare, Wondermama is here to solve your problems. Recognisable vintage fittings are given a contemporary makeover, stylishly blending Eastern and Western influences.
best-breakfast-in-bangsar-wondermama_interior_noodlesWondermama’s rendition of local delights were so good that we didn’t mind paying a slightly higher price for them

This crossover is also reflected in their menu with items such as the kaya-tobiko (RM4.50), sweet kaya complementing salty tobiko, a pairing that worked surprisingly well. Straight up fuss-free local fare is available too like the nyonya laksa (RM13.90) which comes with fresh prawns, cockles, fishcake, with bihun swimming in a fragrant laksa sauce. Cakes, kuihs, and local desserts are also available.

9. Devi’s Corner @ Telawi

In the early mornings (or the dead of the night), you really can’t go wrong with a mamak. In Bangsar, that mamak has got to be Devi’s Corner. While their amazing banana leaf rice is only available for lunch, that doesn’t mean everything else is any less delicious. We recommend their garlic cheese naan (RM5), with fine carrot shavings for a delightful crunch.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-devis-corner_garlic-cheese-naanHey, bread is totally a breakfast food!

For noodles, the Maggi goreng (RM4) is fantastic, not too greasy with enough ‘wok hei’.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-devis-corner_maggi-goreng_0With maggi mee goreng that looks this good, we’d have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

If all else fails, a simple roti canai and teh tarik will have breakfast settled.

10.Marmalade Café @ Bangsar Village II

Family-friendly Marmalade Café is another guaranteed best bets for breakfast. While their breakfast menu (available 10.00am to 3.00pm daily), serves the usual fry ups, we suggest going with their healthier salads. The soba salad (RM22) with tofu, pumpkin, carrots, cucumbers with poached prawns was tossed in a light sesame dressing making for a filling and wholesome meal.
best-breakfast-in-bangsar-marmalade-cafe_soba-saladThe noodles, cooked al dente, and the super fresh prawns made this dish

It might be blasphemous to skip the coffee but on those sluggish days, a healthier juice might be a more tempting option.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-marmalade-cafe_healthy-juices_0Detox helper (right) and zero thirst (left), we’re a-ok with Marmalade’s healthy fresh juices as an alternative to coffee

The detox helper (RM11) was a refreshing and cleansing mix of celery, apple, pineapple, ginger, and lemon. Zero thirst (RM11), with watermelon, apple, and pineapple, really did live up to its name, proving that healthy doesn’t always mean nasty.
Frothy and creamy, we came very close to shaking our coffee addiction for this delicious cup of tea!
1. Miralem Pjanic (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

1. Miralem Pjanic
The 24-year old midfielder from Bosnia-Hercegovina completed a 92% pass rate against Argentina and was previously a target for Manchester United 

2. Yeltsin Tejeda (Costa Rica) 

2. Yeltsin Tejeda22-year-old defensive midfielder Tejeda from Deportivo Saprissa is already a key member of the Costa Rica national team and is already attracting interest from the UK and Belgium 

3. Vincent Enyeama (Nigeria) 

3. Vincent Enyeama (Nigeria)The 31-year-old goalkeeper at Lille kept an impressive 21 clean sheets for Lille last season and managed a shut-out against Iran 

4. Ricardo Rodriguez (Switzerland) 

4. Ricardo RodriguezThe 21-year old left-back from Wolfsburg created both goals against Ecuador and has been linked with Liverpool 
5. Enner Valencia (Ecuador) 

5. Enner ValenciaEcuador's forward, 25-year old Valencia has scored in each of his last 5 appearances for the national team 
6. Serge Aurier (Ivory Coast) 

6. Serge Aurier (Ivory Coast)The 21-year-old striker at Toulouse has already been touted as a potential replacement for Bacary Sagna by Arsenal 

7. Oribe Peralta (Mexico) 

7. Oribe PeraltaThe 30-year-old Mexico forward has scored 9 goals in the last 7 competitive games for Mexico 

8. Gustavo (Brazil) 

8. Gustavo26-year-old Brazilian midfielder Luis Gustavo Dias at Wolfsburg produced a passing masterclass in Brazil's game against Croatia 

9. Joel Campbell (Costa Rica)

9. Joel Campbell (Costa Rica)The 21-year-old striker at Arsenal impressed at Olympiakos last season and will be given a chance by Arsene Wenger 
 10. Eduardo Vargas (Chile)

10. Eduardo VargasHere in action against Australia's goalkeeper Mathew Ryan, Chile's 24-year old Vargas at Napoli is frequently overlooked due to Alexis Sanchez, but his strike rate at international level is excellent

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When Sea Level Attack

This infographic actually reminds me of when I was a kid watching one of my favorite movies – Water World. Freaking aqua-man Kevin Costner vs. Eye-patch Dennis Hopper. I mean, it’s really a bad movie, but it’s the concept that was so interesting to me. Of course, it was fantasy back then, but now I feel like Water World is even more convincing to me now than when I was an impressionable child who thought that Flubber was totally real.
Haters gonna hate, but climate change is happening whether you like it (believe it) or not. The world is already 71% water–it doesn’t seem too outrageous to believe that melting ice might up the anty on that number majorly. Please, just watch Chasing Ice, it more than clearly shows the astonishing amount of ice that has been (and will be) falling into the sea everyday.
I’m quite sad that climate change has become such a political issue. So many scientists have proven time and time again that what we are doing on this planet affects the planet itself. It just astounds me that we haven’t been doing more to curb our carbon emissions. Well, I guess we can just live in Water World. That’d actually be pretty sweet. Nevermind. Carry on. I’ll pay you one million pounds of dirt to say you never read this infographic. (I want to be Kevin Costner)


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In the SEO activities, there is one thing it should not be ruled out completely.
Glad to say, one thing must know for every SEO practitioner (or for those who want to start learning & practicing SEO) is;

Factors search engine ranking.
In the context of SEO in Malaysia (or in the U.S. itself), the more accurate is the Google ranking factors.

Google has never officially announced to the public a list of their ranking factors (however, Eric Schmidt, Google's former CEO has announced that Google uses more than 200 factors in their ranking algorithms):

However, it did not stop for any SEO’s practitioner to do their own testing to create their own ranking list. This was done by Brian Dean of, where he has compiled a list of 200 factors of reading and study were made ​​by him.

And the result, as follows:

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